Week 5- “Everything has a purpose” poem

You always told me, “Everything has a purpose”

The trees provide fresh clean air,

The grass provides grazing for the animals,

While the sun provides energy and growth for our resources.


You see the environment in a different perspective than most,

Pray for rainy days so the leaves stay green and for the grass to grow,

“Be grateful and respectful” you say,

Give back to what the land has given to you.


The snow, the wind, the rain and the sun;

All apart of everything all in unison to one

An ever changing and intertwined environment

It’s no wonder how you embrace and love this beautiful planet.


I never used to understand your point of view;

To embrace the natural light,

Use only what you need,

Be gentle, Respectful, and grateful.


“Stay outside and enjoy the weather” you repeat

Sit still and just breathe,

You take in what is right in front of you;

Nothing goes to waste, short showers, lights out.


I took what you always saw for granite,

But now, when I come home, I understand what you see

Peace, Calm, and full of life.


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